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Public housing & Pest Control on the Sunshine Coast 

Information for Sunshine Coast public housing tenants re: Pest Control The Queensland Government states: We do not provide pest control during your tenancy.  Homes are treated for pests when you move out. You are responsible for keeping your home pest-free. Can I

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Australian stingless native bees – Not a Pest!

These are our stingless native bees enjoying a lovely warm Sunshine Coast day. You can find these little guys in hollow bits of wood doing their thing in the local area.

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WATCH: Coast homes destroyed by termites

Interior wall termite damage 2 Article by Kathy Sundstrom IF YOU thought the revelation this week a Buderim home was declared uninhabitable because of termite damage was an isolated incident – you would be wrong. Sunshine Coast pest inspector Ben Herbert, from Expect the

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Pest Profile: Bedbugs

Human bedbugs are widely recognized and detested insects. Together with bat bugs, swallow bugs, and poultry bugs, they belong to the family Cimicidae that is within the suborder Heteroptera or true bugs (order Hemiptera). Cimicidae comprise less than 100 described

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Cockroaches on the Sunshine Coast

●Species: Blattidae It is a diverse family with many genera and hundreds of species. Those classified as Periplaneta and Blatta are widely distributed, whereas other genera are more regional. They are large insects that tend to live outdoors. Several species

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Termite Control Sunshine Coast

Do you think that you might be dealing with termites on your property? This might seem like a small issue considering the small size of the insect, but it can actually be a major problem. Termites typically gather in large

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Termite Prevention

Termite Inspection Sunshine Coast You might think that all pests are equally as destructive. However, few can cause the amount and level of damage that termites can achieve. Termites might be tiny in size, but they can damage your property beyond

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What You Should Know About Organic Pest Control Sunshine Coast

Primarily, there are two types of products used by pest control companies in Sunshine Coast. One set of products comprises of the harsh or toxic chemicals that have been in use for decades now. The other set comprises of organic

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Ants Sunshine Coast

You might think that a few ants in your home is not a bog deal, but this type of pest problem can grow at a rapid rate. When you have a few ants living in your home, you often have

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How to Win the War against Termites in Maroochydore

If you have owned a property long enough or have had the termite problem before, then you know it is an uphill battle. Once the termites get hold of your property, the damage can be substantial. You will have to

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