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WATCH: Coast homes destroyed by termites

Interior wall termite damage 2

http://m.qt.com.au/news/watch-coast-roof-crumbles-from-termite-damage/3042127/ Article by Kathy Sundstrom IF YOU thought the revelation this week a Buderim home was declared uninhabitable because of termite damage was an isolated incident – you would be wrong. Sunshine Coast pest inspector Ben Herbert, from Expect the

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Termite Control Sunshine Coast

Do you think that you might be dealing with termites on your property? This might seem like a small issue considering the small size of the insect, but it can actually be a major problem. Termites typically gather in large

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How do you select the Best Pest Control in Brisbane North to get Rid of Termites?

How to avoid termite Infestation? Termites just love wood which is the primary ingredient in their diets. Therefore, getting rid of any potential termite food source that may be littered near your house is always a good idea. This includes

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RECENT FLOODING – Termite Systems

? Have you been recently affect by the devastating floods?    ? Is your home currently at risk of Termites? ? Is your house still protected?

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