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For most of us, our greatest asset is our home. At Pest Control Australia our number one priority is protecting your home and family!

Each year in Australia, termites cause more damage to homes than fires, floods and storms combined. One in five homes is affected by termite damage, often resulting in extensive damage and then expensive repairs. This damage caused is not covered by general household insurance. Imagine the long and short-term damage a single rodent, insect or bird could do.

Protect your biggest investment!

Pest infestation is one of the most common nuisances that effect people and properties daily. whether residential or commercial they can be troubled by a variety of pests, e.g. cockroaches, ants, rats, silverfish, fruit flys to mention just a few.

The best part of using our services is that most treatments are odourless and there is no need to leave the place while it is been treated.

Pest Control Australia pride ourselves not only on the high standard of work we carry out but on our low IMPACT to the environment policy.



We have just had Stuy , Shelley and Danna carry out a termite barrier on our home here in Budderim. What a lovely team they are. The fact that Impact employs mothers returning to work in an industry like pest control is a credit to them. We found them to be very thorough in their work and respectful of our property . We have had several different pest company’s over the last 25 years in this area and none have impressed us like Impact has. We highly recommend them and will be using them for all our ongoing pest control needs. Faith Hickey

5 months ago

Always happy to support super friendly locals, we had Danna come out and couldn’t fault the whole experience. Great communication it was all just so easy! Angelina Campbell

1 year ago

Friendly and professional service. I would highly recommend these guys and gals. They adjusted their treatment after discussing my veggie patch and herb garden areas which was so great, they put me at ease immediately with their consideration of our environment too. Amber

2 months ago

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You might think that your home is safe and secure, but pests can find their way into your home through the smallest cracks. Many pests are small in size, but they have the ability to cause a lot of property damage and also be detrimental to your health. This means that you need to be sure to choose a reliable Sunshine Coast pest control company to get rid of the pests that have infiltrated your home.

You need to make sure that you take action fast and do not have an infestation on your hands. When you have just one pest, you often have many more. This means that you need skilled and qualified pest control professionals. At Pest Control Australia, we always make it a priority to put you first. We use the best techniques and pest solution products to rid your home of any pests that might be present. If you are looking for real results with your general pest and termites that you can rely on, we are the Sunshine Coasts pest control company that you should choose.

What Type of Pest Problem Are You Dealing With?

We understand that not all pests problems are exactly the same, which is why we offer a wide variety of pest control services. There is no pest problem that we cannot handle no matter how large or how small it may be. We have experience with pest control products and know what to use depending on the type of pest that we are dealing with. You can have peace of mind when you choose us, because we will get rid of your pests in the shortest amount of time possible. Your home will be pest-free in no time once you take advantage of our responsive services. Our main concern is always to eradicate your pest problem in the shortest amount of time possible.

Are You Looking for an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Harsh Pesticides

At Pest Control Australia, we are an eco friendly company that offers alternative to homeowners that are looking to get rid of pests without using harsh chemicals.

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