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pest control sunshine coastPut Simply, Pests are bad for business!

Unfortunately, they give a very poor impression to visitors. Impact Pest Solutions offers a comprehensive list of pest control services, designed to manage your entire Pest Control requirements for a pest-free environment.

Being a fully qualified, Workplace Health and Safety Officer, we understand the importance of Queensland’s Health and Safety Standards and help your facility to minimize the risk of exposure to chemicals, reduce pest activity and can train your staff on proper preventive pest control tactics if necessary.

We understand the health risks associated with Flies, Cockroaches and Rodents and the potential financial repercussions that could impact on your business should the treatment not be performed to your satisfaction – Especially Termites – causing huge structural damage, costing thousands of dollars to repair.

Impact Pest Solutions provide tailored pest management systems based on our individual clients requirements. We work hard to protect not only your staff and customers but visitors who frequently use your establishment.

Impact Pest Solutions offer two Pest services to our commercial clients , ‘Contracted’ and ‘Non-contracted’ Pest Management.

Pest Control Sunshine Coast – Contract Pest Management

COMPLETE PEACE OF MIND – Many of our customers opt for this contract, as it offers so much more in terms of flexibility, reliability and fixed budgeting.

Some of our Service Contact’s ‘VIP Benefits’ can include:

  • Reminder Service – We remind you when you’re due for your next treatment!
  • Automatic periodic appointments available
  • Baits and insect monitoring traps are laid and inspected at regular intervals
  • Top Priority, for all your call out service needs
  • A treatment report folder provided for you to hold service treatment reports, recommendations, checklist of monitoring information
  • Satisfaction guaranteed! Additional services in-between your normal services as needed for no extra charge.

Not only do you have the peace of mind of a professional service, but we grantee all our works.

A pest control service agreement is an inexpensive way to ensure you are covered for any pest control issues present and to also prevent any further pest problems for the future.

Pest Control Sunshine Coast – Non-Contractual Service

Impact Pest Solutions provide a comprehensive non-contractual range of pest control services for our commercial clients. Some that may arise on a less recurrent basis where you may not need scheduled regular routine visits – More of a one off problem or more of an ad-hoc service/treatments required.

You need it dealt with quickly and effectively and without the need for a pest control contract.

We are a professional and friendly pest control company that are trained and equipped to deal with all commercial pest related issues, but more importantly help you and your staff protect your business from pests in the future.

Do you have questions in relation to what services we offer?

Contact us now for a discussion (07) 5448 9455

Do you have questions in relation to what services we offer? Call us now for a discussion.

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