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Termites Sunshine Coast

Are you concerned about termites around your home or work place?

Termites Sunshine Coast

The Australian Standard and the Australian Building Standards Advisory Council recommends a visual termite inspection on all homes at least every 12 months.

Impact Pest Solutions are proud to announce that all our termite services have an environmentally friendly option that you can take advantage of today!

Our wide range of Termite Solutions including:

•       Termite Inspections 

•       Pre-Purchase Inspections

•       Reticulation System

•       Termite Barriers

•       Termite Monitoring Systems

Statistics show that every year in Queensland, termites cause more damage to people’s homes than floods, fires and storms. One in every 4 homes will experience some type of termite problem.

Damage caused by termites is not covered by general household insurance. However IMPACT PEST SOLUTIONS can now offer you Termite Insurance – Click here to find out


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