Monitoring & Baiting Systems

The Termite Monitoring System is a Monitoring and Baiting System, designed to attract any termites which are foraging in the area and eliminates the termite colony in a safe non invasive way.

Termite Monitoring Stations are placed in the ground around the home , generally under the drip line of the gutter. The Termite Monitor Station contains compact cellulose blocks, timber and cardboard. When active termites are found in a monitoring station when then add a bait containing 1g/kg of Chlorfluazuron as the active constituent, which is about as toxic as table salt!

As termites feed and then travel back to the colony, they share termite bait with other nest mates (trophallaxis) and send other termites back to feed on the bait. As feeding on the bait continues and more and more termites are affected, the termite colony starts to die and is eliminated.

Impact Pest Solutions use termite Bait that is a registered product under the requirements of legislation administered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority

With a Monitoring and baiting system, you have the option to either monitor the system yourself or have Impact Pest Solution monitor it for you.

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