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Pest Control Australia are able to identify the source of infestation and provide a conscious pest control treatment and solution. During the pest service, the technician will inspect specific areas, looking for stored product pest activity and will then recommend the appropriate treatment measures.

Treatment methods may vary depending upon the level of infestation, the offending pest species and the product which has been contaminated.

Pest Control Australia only treat and control moths that are domestic or commercial pests. Most moths on the Sunshine Coast are very beneficial insects to our environment and ecosystem.

Australia has around 22 000 species of moths. Around half of these have been scientifically named.

Preserve Your Clothes and Belongings TODAY!

Probably the most common sign that moths have set up shop in your home are holes in clothing. Moths lay eggs and their larvae devour some natural fabrics. Moths eat silk and wool as well as leather and feathers.

While most moths cannot directly harm humans, they are still a nuisance pest. What they can do, however, is damage your clothes, carpets and blankets.

Opting for our moth control service on the Sunshine Coast gives you and your family the peace of mind that the infestation will be dealt with by our conscious pest control team. (We have families too!)

How will Impact Pest Solutions get rid your moths In your home?

1. Identifying the pest – it’s important to identify the type of moth and the material it’s using to lay its eggs. Based on what the technicians find, they will use the most appropriate insecticides to get rid your pesky moth situation.

2. Treatment – An insecticide will be applied to the affected areas and the moths will be exterminated with only one visit.

3. Follow up – None needed; however, You are more than welcome to call us with any questions you may have.